U.S. politics

This reversal is often played on the Reverse Speech circuit. The claim is that it was found a couple of weeks before the US went into Iraq.

Forward section: Bush: “… will help that nation build a just government after decades of brutal dictatorship. The formal leadership of [that government is for the Ir]aqi people to choose”.
The issue with this reversal is the chosen beginning point, which is incorrect, and as a result the first two words documented are incorrect.

For a start, we will is not evident. We will occurs behind [for the Ir]aqi. There is an obvious [r] at [w]e, and there is [th] which produces a [d]/[th] sound around where [w]ill begins. Where it has been cut at the initial makes it almost sound like there is a [p] as in the word [pray]. Cutting at the wrong position can create a sound and even a word that is not there. An example is if one starts a reversal at the onset of a FS [s], it will typically sound like [d] in reverse.

Secondly, listening to the seconds before this reversal, one can hear another phrase, which sounds like Swish little baby carried I will refer to this as the first reversal, and the documented reversal as the second reversal.

The documented reversal is begun at the point of [rr] in carried.Therefore, the correct beginning of the reversal will need to be ascertained. One may hear that either carried or carry is the natural ending of the first reversal. It needs to be ascertained whether the second reversal begins with the [d] from FS [th]e (so that the final word of the first reversal is carry), or begins after it (so that the final word of the first reversal is carried). An overall listening can give the sense that the end is carry and the second reversal begins with [d]/[th] at the point of [th]e in the FS. However, closer examination shows that the [d] sound may actually belong to the end of the first reversal (as in carried), although in a general listening it may sound like the beginning of the second reversal.

The second reversal, if it does not begin at [th], begins at the FS word [for]. The rounded vowel gives a sense of [ou] in you, and the movement toward [th]e at the end of [for] helps to give some sense of [y] as the tongue is moving toward the front of the mouth and is fairly high. The next question is [f]or. With [f] one can assume you’ve. But we have a grammar dilemma with the word sit. You’ve would make it present perfect and sit ought to be sat (past participle), which it is not. Alternatively, one could assume that the [f] has weakened substantially in the RS and has simply assimilated with the [s] in FS [is]. This is possible, and would make the word you’ll. Yet, one can still perceive [v]. This does not mean it is not meant to be [‘ll]. In normal FS, not every sound representative of the speaker’s words will sound exactly that. Nevertheless, [v] can still be perceived.

Of course, if the FS [th] was included, it can sound like they’ll, and in fact a general listening gives that; however, the second reversal beginning without pause and starting with a vowel can help to create the sense of a [th]/[d] beginning, but in fact does not.

Therefore, in this case, we would have You’ll sit in Baghdad or You’ve sit in Baghdad (if one accepts the grammar error)   However, one might continue to consider they’ll/they’ve sit as a possibility.

Little baby carried possesses some unity as a phrase but with swish, this word would have to sit alone or be discarded as gibberish. Swish little baby by itself is rather odd.

Carried, however, has an amplitude that is similar to You’ll sit in Baghdad rather than Swish little baby, which is softer (You can hear that in the audio above). If we include swish, we may have to see carried as a one word statement that follows, that is, written with a comma before it – swish little baby, carried – you’ll/you’ve sit in Baghdad. If we ignore swish as gibberish, we have little baby carried.

There does appear to be a word following Baghdad. This is rubbish. I am unsure as to whether it is part of the clause or just gibberish. There is [v] from FS [of] in the FS where the [r] is. However, [r] is arguably acceptable here.

This word, though, runs directly into the gibberish following, which is a mark against it.

You’ll/You’ve sit in Baghdad rubbish 

If the pronoun is you, is this Bush speaking to himself? Or, is he talking about an external other, and doesn’t refer to himself? We could consider things will turn into a mess for him/his administration, assuming this is the meaning of rubbish, rather than actual physical rubbish. If it is they, we could consider that he is speaking about US forces.

There is another possibility for rubbish – that it is not the ending of the reversal, but a separate statement from a conflicting aspect of Bush’s subconscious, one that is expressing strong disagreement with sit in Baghdad.

And the meaning of the first reversal? Besides an interpretation of a desire to be nurtured, it could also mean being left holding (carrying) the baby, which means having to deal with it because others won’t take responsibility.

Here is the whole lot from beginning to end

Then to fuck her on your silver 

FS: … my wonderful wife Karen, our son Michael and his fiancé Sarah, our daughter Audrey, far away, and our daughter Charlotte. I could not be here without them. And I’m deeply grateful to the American people [for placing their confidence] in this team ….

The reversal could indicate Pence’s excitement of reaching the White House, the step up and the prestige of it. The silver would represent that prestige with fantasised sex with his wife on the White House dining table surrounded by the silver. The forward speech at that point speaks of the American people placing their confidence in them, so the reversal could indicate some immaturity in regard to the position, or a sense that people won’t know what they are really up to.

Another possible reversal, which comes before the one above in the FS direction is:

Now we’re off 

This could just indicate that the election has been won and he and (his family?) are on their way to the White House.


Silver gets in it. Her and I our helm. Yeah, see you in Dallas.  

[So let me say], it is [my high honour], [and distinct privilege] to introduce to you the President-elect of the United States …

For the sake of clarity, I have removed the 2 short syllables after ‘helm’, which appears to be ‘city’, with the expectation that it won’t affect meaning. There appears to be a pattern in the set of reversals from his victory speech, where he speaks of both he and his wife and the power and prestige of his position. There is a reference to ‘silver’ again, and synthesised with the other reversal above on ‘silver’, would refer to being in the White House. Note that ‘silver’ comes behind different words in the two reversals. He speaks of being at the ‘helm’, that is, in a position of leadership and control. Interestingly, he refers to Dallas, which could refer to assassination. Taken together, this may demonstrate some belief that assassination (of Trump) could occur, resulting in his position at the ‘helm’.


¹You feel may have found me out – ²Her and I – ³Self screwed him, a foul so lost in it  – ⁴They deserve wound and they kill; is that high crime?   

FS: A⁴[merica has elected a new president], ³[and it’s almost hard for me to express] ²[the honour] ¹[that I and my family fe]el, that we will have the privilege to serve as your Vice President.

I have removed an extraneous ‘tail’ syllable at the end of each of the first two reversals. Sometimes a ‘tail’ syllable occurs in RS, and can be chopped off the end. In the first reversal, Pence probably feels he is hiding something. Again he refers to his wife (Her and I). The next reversal could refer to Trump – Trump’s own self screwed causing inappropriate/unwise etc behaviour/actions. The pronoun ‘they’ used twice in the final reversal makes it confusing who it refers to.


Summer Zervos was a contestant on The Apprentice in 2005. In 2007, she contacted Trump about a job, and in a hotel, she alleged that he kissed her and groped her breasts.

The following two sets of reversals from Zervos and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, refer to the heinie/ass.


Girl lives/is a heinie 

FS: [He now has the lar]gest bully pit pulpit in the world, and he has not taken back his threat to sue me.

The second word is either lives or is. Either the articulation of alveolar [l] past the [l] in girl means the words begins with [l], or the [l] simply attaches to is because it begins with a vowel. The [th] in ‘the’ in the FS can help to give the impression of a sound between the two sounds [iz]. This helps to give an impression of lives. Whatever the word, there is a stronger stress on it than the first word.

The reversal appears to refer to the speaker as a sexual object.


Zervos lawyer

Ass hurts him; snake it lie; he keeps her     You prize that heinie   

… price for speaking out against Mr Trump. He now has now won the presidency which is the prize that he sought. He now has the opportunity …

The reference to him would be Trump – his interest in ass can get him into trouble (Note: the pronunciation of the vowel in [ass] is unlike the typical American pronunciation; however, in RS it is quite common for Americans to not have typical American pronunciations in RS, such as the rhotic [r]). The reference to a snake and a lie is age old – it may refer to a person, or the snake of fable and lore. Keeps may refer to providing for a woman. You would either refer to Trump or Zervos. If Trump, then the reversal changed from 3rd person to 2nd person, which may indicate a different person.


Zervos reacts negatively when her lawyer says the word ‘star’.

You miss it  

FS: President of the United Stated; he is no longer just a star ….. [I’m sorry]

When the lawyer mentions that Trump is no longer just a star, Zervos reacts in reverse. The last word can sound like ‘her’, however, I suggest that it is meant to be ‘it’. There is aspiration, though in it. Does her subconscious refer to Trump? That he will miss it? Or, her anguish is about herself – her desire to be on television/film. If that were the case, the voice would be referring to Zervos in the 2nd person rather than 3rd person. It’s important to pay attention to the use of pronouns, as this can be a guide to characteristics of the subconscious.


Zervos breaks down and puts her head in her lawyer’s shoulder. Eventually she whispers to her lawyer and her lawyer whispers back. Of course, it is difficult to know for sure what they say in reversal, but here is one suggestion:

Zervos lawyer – Because I am a fake   Zervos – Why you fake?    

Zervos FS: gotta go

This occurs over 3 seconds. The two reversals occur together. The order is the last comment in the FS first (from the lawyer). This would be the case if Zervos’ reversal is a response to the lawyer’s. If so, then the lawyer’s response would have had to be already formulated subconsciously for Zervos to respond. The lawyer’s FS words appears though to be a response to what Zervos said in the FS, which might indicate non-formulated thoughts. Yet, could what she have said (which is hard to hear) already have been in her subconscious before Zervos said ‘Gotta go’? Bit tricky, isn’t it. If Zervos’ words were not a response to the lawyer’s reversal, then it may indicate her subconscious communicating to Zervos asking why she is a fake. The lawyer then reacted to Zervos’ subconscious by admitted that she too is a fake.


Here are four possible reversals from an earlier press conference.

¹Needs kiss as I do    ²Did he tell on me end it       ³Did he tell on me end it    ⁴Save your prayer 

I then wrote his assistant an email on April 24, April 21 ¹[2016] asking her to send my email directly to Mr Trump. ²[In that email I stated], your interest me is … ³[in that email I stated], your interest in me as a potential employment (   ). Your interest in me as anything more than my mind and I lost my footings. I further said I have been incredibly hurt ⁴[by our previous] interaction.

The first reversal may show the subconscious conflict she has – needing closeness, intimacy, to be desired. The next two reversals come behind the same FS words. Here she uttered “in that email I stated”, she then tripped over her words and stopped talking before repeating the same words. Of course, words that are repeated behind the same FS words can simply be coincidence. I’m not convinced of that here, however. If genuine, it would indicate concern over someone spilling the beans on her, and maybe she should stop it. In the last reversal, she states in the FS that she had been hurt by it, and in reverse her subconscious says to save your prayer. This would indicate that she won’t succeed.


Late October, Hillary Clinton responds to the news that the FBI will release more emails, which have some connection to her aide Huma Abedin.

There is a reversal at the start of her news conference that may say ‘spy Huma fly’ 

There is no issue with ‘spy’ or ‘fly’. The other word is close to Huma, but is somewhat imprecise; nevertheless it is worthwhile considering. There is a diphthong vowel produced in the FS word ‘perhaps’ – one vowel is an acceptable version for the vowel in ‘Huma’ (the vowel pronunciation changes according to language group of the person); however, there is a lower, more centralised vowel similar to [a] as well. In the FS, [p] is produced in ‘perhaps’ after [m] in ‘from’ The [p] tends to get ‘swallowed up’ by the [m], however it leaves a bit of a ‘jump’ at that point. There is [f] at the end, however, this seems to attach itself to another word ‘fly’.

Here are a couple more from Clinton’s media comment.

Snag her finger; see if I name; in the chamber 

FS: Even Director Comey noted that this new in[formation may not be significant], so let’s get it out.

If any of it is genuine, snag would mean getting fingers caught/entangled; fingers may indicate ‘having fingers in something’ or the fact that fingers are used to write and send emails; ‘see if I name’ could relate to what information may come out of the emails; ‘in the chamber’ could mean that she may have to account for this in a legal environment.

Hidden the chalice and they guessed it  

FS: we’re going to continue to discuss wha[t’s at stake in this election be]cause I believe it’s one of the most consequential elections ever.

If not chalice, it may be showers. Chalice is more appropriate. A chalice is a container that holds something sacred; it has been hidden, but now (people) are guessing what is going on.

Kathleen Willey as a volunteer White House aide during Bill Clinton’s presidency, claimed Clinton had embraced her tightly, kissed her on the mouth, grabbed her breast, and forced her hand on his genitals.

At least fuck; he will dick my twat; ‘n he found it

FS: I think (?) he can bring peace to this world, [and I think Donald Trump can lead us to that] point.

Willey is speaking about Trump in the FS, but the reason she is there is to do with Bill Clinton. The subconscious comments likely refer to either Trump or Clinton. The first section at least fuck generally sounds like it, however, I am uncertain that it is this. The next comment uses future tense to suggest he will have sex with her. The third, uses past tense. If it refers to Bill Clinton, these comments seem to put her back into that moment. ‘N he found it would seem to indicate that Clinton had at least touched her genitals, however, this is not so according to the testimony.  Perhaps it doesn’t have to be so literal, and relates to the sexual advances. If it is at least fuck, this may indicate a willingness to go further with him, and some expectation/desire to do so. If Trump, the final comment would be inconsistent as it is unlikely that anything occurred between her and Trump.

Three points to note here: 1) the possible return of the subconscious mind to the moment, 2) A subconscious thoughtform produced from association with the reason she is there rather than who she is directly speaking about in the forward speech and 3) ’N he found it cannot be taken that Clinton literally touched her ‘twat’. It would have come up in testimony. And as mentioned, it is highly unlikely that something occurred with Trump.


Kathy Shelton was raped at age 12, and the defendant was represented by Hillary Clinton.

Hey Doris take a seat  

.. whether they did or not, now she’s laughing on tape saying she knows they did it.

Trump: You went through a lot.

[Yes, yes sir I did].

Shelton spoke for a while. She then stopped speaking, and Trump filled in the pause. A final comment was spoken by Shelton to end it. The subconscious mind told her to take a seat’, in other words, stop speaking at that point. That is exactly what she did. Interesting that Doris is used. Obviously, the person is ‘Kathy’. Doris may then refer to an aspect of her subconscious that influences Shelton to maintain her attitude toward Clinton. Another aspect comes in and tells ‘her’ to stop now.

Point to note: The possible existence of one aspect communicating to another aspect in the person.


²She says he should die      ¹Lord revoked it  

¹[At 12 years old] Hillary put me through um something that you would never put a 12 year old through um ²[and she says she’s fo]r women and children …

Shelton says ‘she’ and ‘he’.

Rather than looking outside Shelton for ‘she’, we should probably look at it as referring to Shelton/an aspect of Shelton. ‘He’ then would refer to the alleged rapist. The comment would therefore come from a different aspect of Shelton’s subconscious. The other reversal comes some seconds before. It is unclear what should be revoked – various guesses could be made.


The(ir) loan that she has – he has money  

FS: … and he was asked last year on what happened, and she says she supposed to defend, whether they did or not, now she’s lau[ghing on tape saying she knows they d]id it whether they did or not, now she’s laughing on tape saying she knows they did it.

If the reversal is there, it seems to refer to a loan, and recognition that (a male – Trump?) has money. Perhaps there is a desire to be helped out financially.


And the neighbours love to shitty shit  

FS: And she says she’s for women and children and he was asked last year on what happened, [and she says she supposed to defend], whether they did or not, now she’s lau[ghing on tape saying she knows they d]id it whether they did or not, now she’s laughing on tape saying she knows they did it.

Perhaps this refers to her experience or belief that her neighbours gossip about her.


Juanita Broaddrick claimed Bill Clinton raped her in 1978. In 1998 she denied it in a sworn affidavit, but in 1999 made the claim publicly.

¹Bits and they shattered                ²Spin her all badness   

… ¹[that actions speak] louder than words. Mr Trump may have said ²[some bad words], but Bill Clinton raped me.

Spin could refer to telling a deceptive story. The subconscious states these words directly behind saying Trump may have said some bad words. So, it may indicate deceptiveness in her story. That is one interpretation. Bits and they shattered (possibly chattered) may refer to something coming to bits and shattering. Once again, there can be different views about meaning. If it is tied to the interpretation of the other reversal, then it could refer to her story. Hard to know.






I would like to discuss a reversal released recently. It was documented as

And I shall be killed, and is spoken by Donald Trump. One group considered it to be ‘killed’, and others considered it to be ‘healed’. 

In the forward speech he says ‘great people’. The contentious word is behind ‘great’.

RS is very much about speech perception (which is also true for FS). Here, what is happening phonetically is that a vowel is being produced in the area of the target point in the FS word ‘great’. Trump’s tongue is rising towards articulation at the alveolar ridge so as to produce [t]. However, assimilation occurs with the following [p] in ‘people’, that is, rather than the tongue completing articulation with the alveolar ridge, articulation moves straight to a labial one [p].

But going back to the vowel … there are three short vowel sounds occurring. Working in reverse of the forward speech, a short vowel sound as in ‘bit’ is produced, followed by an [a]. This comes from the diphthong vowel produced in ’great’. Following  that, is a high back [oo] as a result of the [r] in the forward speech (The onset of [r] after [g] produces some rounding of the mouth). The [oo] gives a sense of [l] in reverse through the position of the tongue.

The continuous vocalic signal helps to give people the perception of a [h]. There is no hard [k].  In regard to [k], the closest consonant to it in the FS is the [t] in ‘great’. When the primary acoustic or phonetic cue that causes people to hear a [t] is missing, one may hear [k] or alternatively [p] in its place. In fact, this type of event is probably an important part of RS. It is possible that a key frequency formant of the vowel occurring at the target is within the perception zone of a k + vowel combination. There is also a ramping up of energy at the onset of the vowel in the RS, which contributes to perception of a ‘burst’. These are possible reasons why some hear [k].

If you listen to the larger forward speech section in reverse, following the contentious word (or beginning where the (ed) is documented) is the [g] in the forward speech.This produces a nasal [ng] sound in reverse. Following that, sounds like ‘miss me’, however ‘me’ is actually ‘ve’. Listening to the whole section, the nasal sound seems to disappear. 

Without ‘miss (v)e’ you can hear the nasal sound 

The second reversal in the audio seems to indicate putting pressure on the female, while the second has a different tack. An aspect of Trump that refers to him as ‘gov’ seems to suggest it.

¹Dinner, flower, get that gov  ²You stand on her 

FS: I did try and fuck her, she was married, ²(I know Nancy), no this was … and I moved on her very heavily, in ¹(fact I took her out furni)ture shopping


Bill of money and green indicate how money gets Trump places. The last comment calls the female a hoe, which is a slut or loose woman.

Show Bill of money, get through, get through with green you see. Yeah, hi, you a hoe. 

FS: Hello, how are you, hi, nice seeing you, terrific, terrific, you know Billy Bush?


Here, dumbo may refer to the penis (as in the big fella!), and soak indicates desire for the sexual act. Behind the FS, saying that he could do anything, the subconscious states that it would. There are two different pronouns – you, I. “I” refers to the subconscious aspect, however, does “you” refer to the aspect addressing Trump, or a 3rd person?

You soak the dumbo     Then I would  

FS: You can do anything, (grab ‘em by the pussy), (you could do anyth)ing


The first comment indicates desire to get the female sexually excited. I assume the first phoneme is [m] – it is masked by Trump’s voice. The second comment may be a trigger caused by changing places (positions) with the female.

Make her wet, well I’m a nigger ye(t)\yeah.

FS: Yeah you get in the middle, there we go


Billy Bush indicates that he and Trump are making a move. The female says ‘hot’, indicating recognition of the sexual nature of the meeting. I will assume that it is meant to be [k] in ‘spiky’, though it can sound like ‘spiny’; anyway, there is a sense of something short and sharp.  There is only a glottal articulation at that point where [a] onset occurs in ‘absolutely’. This could refer to her pubic area. No one had spiky hair.

¹I go i … you’re in/Hot  ²Your little spiky haircut 

Have a little hug for the Donald/he just got that off the bus, ²(OK, absolutely), Melania said this was OK/¹(Oh!/There we, here we go)


Shoot my dog, Momma, hey you think 

FS: Well you’ve got a nice co-star here/Yes, absolutely/After you, come on Billy don’t be shy.

It may be meant to be ‘she’s’, but it seems to be ‘shoot’.


When the idea of competition is created by Billy Bush, Trump again falls back on money as a means to get what he wants. Note: ‘your’ can sound like ‘a’ in a general listening.

Let’s shake your buck faster 

Me or the Donald for a date?/No, no, no, (that’s stiff competition).


In this one from Billy Bush, in a top down listening, it sounds like ‘we don’t get to die’. At a phonemic level it is ‘know’ rather than ‘don’t’. So I have to make a decision whether to trust top down processing or bottom up processing. I find RS to often be a series of comments running continuously without a pause. Billy Bush is being competitive over the female, and in the first comment, suggests that it is ‘officially’ known who she wants to date. ‘Get to die’ may refer to the loser. Then there is a response about the absurdity of the comment.

Yeah gazette so we know. Get to die. You die, you’re serious? 

FS: Me or the Donald ….. (Seriously, if you had to, had to take one of us as a date) …


This one is from Billy Bush. The words before ‘talk’ are articulated poorly, and it is uncertain what they are. A check at the sound level and noting the sounds, I believe, will not provide the right words. So, I will really only on top down processing, and get a sense of what it is overall. Therefore I have chosen ‘If you’re gonna’. The only clear words here are ‘talk tender’. Separating the last three words helps to show that it could start with ‘’take’, not ‘let’. Anyway, Bush’s subconscious refers to his nice words. Although other words are not clear, it gives the impression that the aspect is saying ‘cut the crap, stop talking like that’!

If you’re gonna talk tender, let me out 

FS: (Well you’ve got a nice co)-star here/Yes, absolutely/After you, come on Billy don’t be shy.


‘sick’ comes behind ‘kiss’. It is likely not all of the following can be considered genuine.

Hang a sick   I’ll believe the dick   Made me sick  

FS: I’ve got to use some tic tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful, I just start kissing them, it’s like a magnet.


The female meets Trump, and seems to say ‘we’re a nude’, alternatively ‘wear a nude’. This could indicate that she is feeling exposed and perhaps inhibited meeting them. ‘We’re’ does not necessarily refer to her and the people outside of her. The voice can refer to itself and other subconscious aspects of her. If ‘wear’, this could refer to a desire to be sexually appealing.

We’re a nude  

I’m doing very well thank you, are you ready to be a soap star?