Nancy Pelosi DNC August 2020 Reverse Speech

RS: Sell poof, they’re our guest – The machine, are you worse? – He’s/his kiss a crime, he’s/his kissin’ a no-no – At least I warn/won you/At least I wind you up

FS: But [we know what he doe]sn’t, that [when women succee]d, A[merica succeed]s. And [so we are unleashing the] power of women to [take our rightful place] in our national life.

These reversals come behind 9 seconds of forward speech. They are featured from the last in the FS to the first.

Sell poof, they’re our guest [take our rightful place] – Some may interpret the first word(s) as [tell] or [See a poof]. I believe [sell] is the likeliest. The pronoun seems to be [they’re]. It can sound like [are] following, however, with [they’re] it is likely to be [our]. Perhaps this refers to Pete Buttigieg who was to give a speech the following night. ‘Taking our rightful place’ also can be associated to people such as LBGTQI. Note that there is a reversal below that possibility indicates same sex attraction by Pelosi.

The machine are you worse [so we are unleashing the] – Following the FS, we may interpret it as ‘unleashing the machine’. But, interestingly, Pelosi said ‘are you worse’ in a somewhat robotic fashion. But what does ‘are you worse’ refer to – if a gay person like Buttigieg, then there may be judgement over his sexuality (note next reversals), or if it refers to ‘the machine’, does it mean that unleashing the machine is worse?

He’s kiss a crime, he’s kissin’ a no-no [when women succee]d, A[merica succeed] Although /h/ is not obvious, I assume [he’s]. However, in light of the constructions of the two clauses perhaps it is meant to be [his]. So in interpretation, we can interpret it as ‘his kissing (men) is a crime. In the following clause, either he’s kissin’ someone who is a ‘no-no’, in other words, gay, or ‘his kissin’ is a no-no’. So, we see that although someone is open and supportive of gay people, there can be subconscious artefacts that oppose this.

At least I warn you [we know what he doe]sn’t [warn] could be [won]. In addition there is a word following which is like [up]. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it belongs to this reversal string. However, if it does, perhaps the word is meant to be [wind] – [At least I wind you up] – as in she wants to wind up Trump. The vowel is imprecise, but the /d/ in [wind] could be dropped in normal speech. I will assume At least I warn you


I have first presented 3 reversals in the 9 second forward speech section. However, there are other potential reversals which seem to relate to the topic. These reversals are presented in the second and third audio below.

The reversals appear to relate to a sexual internalisation which may have been real or imagined by the subconscious. The reversals indicate a desire to kiss somoene, if ‘that girl’, then another female. There is also a fear of it as either taboo, or that she would get into trouble – (r)ub it off, on the face know we kiss.

RS: Hurry, clash – On the face, know we kiss – wan(t)o pash

FS: by [championing a w]oman’s right to choose and defending Roe v Wade. [Securing safe and a]ffordable [childcare]. Preserving social security and passing equal pay …

RS: Hurry clash – rub it off – on the face know we kiss

rub it off comes behind [affordable]. There is an /l/ rather than /r/ however. /f/ may not be so obvious at the end, however, at this position, there is an /f/ in the FS. So, it is possible that this section, which is separated from other sounds is three statements long.

RS: This girl – wan(t)o pash

Separated by 2 syllables of gibberish, it may be that the first part says ‘that girl’, though it is somewhat ambiguous.


RS: He loosed Chirac the mystic God – They test for laugh/lab.

He killed her wolf, they they test for laugh/lab

Joe Biden’s faith in [God gives him the courage to lead]. Joe Biden’s love gives him the strength to persevere. Joe Biden is the president we need right now – [battle tested, forward looking], honest and authentic.

He loosed Chirac the mystic God [God gives him the courage to lead] – This sounds like she is saying that Biden ‘loosed’ an inner (Jacques) Chirac, who her subconscious considered a ‘mystic God’.

They test for laugh/lab [battle tested] Hard to know what this is about. Though, Biden ‘loosing’ his inner Chirac the mystic God is somewhat amusing.

He killed her wolf [forward looking] [wolf] is ok, however, the construction of the rest is dubious, although it sounds like it on a surface level. Perhaps these are just coincidental sounds.


RS: It’s dark, come outside the zipper – I could see that/Dad; Soon/Sin cried the dark, could we stunt

In that spirit we come together now; [not to decry the darkness], but to light a way forward for our country – [that is the guid]ing [purpose of House Democrats].

Pelosi talks of darkness and light. She mentions [dark] twice in reverse behind different words; actually even ossibly three times behind different words, except that one was [dyark].

It’s dark, come outside the zipper – I could see that/Dad [that is the guid]ing [purpose of House Democrats]

We may have come outside, it’s dark (inside), but there is a sexual nature with [come outside the zipper] – either in putting herself in front of a zipper, or with the penis outside the zipper, ejaculating. Her subconscious states that she could see either ‘that’ or ‘Dad’. There are two syllables of possible gibberish separating the two parts. This is where [dyark] occurs.

Sin/Soon cried the dark, could we stunt [not to decry the darkness] This is either [sin] or [soon]. The vowel is short and comes at [ness]. Although [soon] has a long vowel, in speech, it can be quite short, and there can be some roundedness occurring from the unstressed vowel in FS [ness]. Either could be considered. However, [sin] is probably more relatable. I assume [stunt] rather than [stun], though it is possible.

We see something hidden in the ‘dark’ spaces of Pelosi that could be related to something of a sexual nature.


RS: Story helped saved it

RS: Fuckin’ asthma – story helped save it

FS: To win the vote, women marched and fought and never gave in. We stand on their shoulders, charged with carrying forward the unfinished work of our nation [advanced by heroes], [from Seneca F]alls, to Selma, to Stonewall.

Story helped saved it [advanced by heroes] Mentioning these three locations (which have stories behind them) either helped ‘save’ her line of speech, or helped save the work of these women.

Fuckin’ asthma [from Seneca F] This seems unrelated to the other reversal. Lack of [th] in [asthma] is not really an issue as that is typical in FS.


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