Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez DNC 2020 Reverse Speech

History – He know we’ll wreck it

[He know] does not have the verb matching the pronoun in number. Message is still clear, however. But, perhaps it is meant to be [you]. With the other word, it can sound like [we], however, it seems the [‘ll] is likely to be there. A pertinent reversal seeing the attacks on history.


Multi reversals in this section

Nearly have an affair – warn her or Nearly havin’ a fail – warn her/Say [h]ello [to] you rat/A demon/See the lock on it, face soul/We fitter

Nearly have an affair – warn her or Nearly havin’ a fail – warn her 

I kept [have an]/[havin’] together as the /v/ naturally links the two words. The same with [warn her].

[Nearly have an affair – warn her] may refer to Trump or not. On closer listening the word is more [fail]. If so, this may be Ocasio-Cortez’s subconscious reacting negatively to her efforts and desires to warn her. However, the end of [affair] can be influenced by the following sound in speech, and one can suppose that the /w/ in [warn] has influenced the word to sound like [fail]. Therefore, we can consider both alternatives.

Say hello to you rat This is not a good reversal. In normal speech, sounds can often become altered as the speaker articulates and they interplay with each other. Nevertheless, one has to decide if there is too much wrong with it compared to right. [Say] is closer to [see]. No /h/ on [hello], but this is probably not an issue. There does appear to be an extra short syllable after [hello]. This is a change in vowel sound after [hello] like [ee]. On a surface listening it can give one the impression of [to] although it doesn’t actually say [to], or one can gloss over it completely and just consider it as [hello you]. The effect of the potential extra syllable changes what she is saying – from telling someone to say hello to saying hello to that someone. With [rat] one may perceive a final /p/, however, /t/ is also perceivable and is closer to the FS sound it comes from.

[Say hello to you rat] may refer to Trump as may [a demon].

She states [See the lock on it, face soul] when she refers to an economy that rewards explosive inequalities of wealth for the few. With [we fitter], this suggests that she believes that she and her group will be better to lead.


Hurry, fi(ght) for color/See a crowd

/t/ on the end of [fight] is not clear, but this may be ok. Straight after she states [hurry, fight for color] see says ‘out of a love for all people’, in Spanish then in English, which indicates that she is referring to those of ‘color’ only. [See a crowd] indicates that she has an audience for it.


He’s your comet/Makes you sow, carrot say it’s ti(m)e to grow.

She is talking about the grassroots campaign that was organised. She endorses Sanders in this speech (as per DNC requirements). Pehaps if [comet] is a positive metaphor, then this refers to Sanders. The closest word at the end of the next section is [sow] as in female pig, so I will assume that. Carrot has a bit of a /w/ in it but it is ok. It is interesting that she refers to ‘grassroots’ in the forward speech, as it refers to ordinary people growing something from the soil. The reversals seem to connect to this idea. – time to grow [carrots] and even perhaps [sow] as an animal that may seem fertile and productive yet gets down in the mud and dirt. Note that there is /n/ instead of /m/ in [time], however I still consider this worthwhile for consideration.


High crime of a states, the gun neither

[a] is ungrammatical before the plural [states]. It can sound like [either], however on closer investigation, it seems there is [n] both for [gun] and [neither].

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