Why Reverse Speech is still worth investigating 2 – George Bush reversals

Immediately after 911, Bush states in reverse:

You must see sober. Bush had given up alcohol previously. It is likely that Bush realises he needs to be clear-headed in order to face the challenges ahead. This may have triggered the association with lack of clear-headedness and drinking or the need to be clear-headed and the need to stop drinking, which would still lie in the subconscious mind. It depends on how one interprets the interaction of the subconscious with the conscious mind. One may view it, alternatively, as the subconscious providing a warning in the form of an analogy.

(Nov 7 2002) Bush made a sarcastic comment about all the advice he was getting. In reverse he stated:

Be law. They shoot Powell   (referring to Colin Powell).

(October 11, 2001). Bush talks about repairing the Pentagon after the damage from 911. He says in reverse:
Sure, after we move it. This could indicate a desire or intention to relocate certain operations of the Pentagon elsewhere.

(December 12, 2001) Bush was having trouble with the Senate at this time, and if I remember correctly, with some fairly new Senators. He states in reverse:

Senate. They’re all first year losers.

On October 4, 2002 a Democrat Congressman gave the following reversals when Congress was discussing what to do with Saddam Hussein.

In this one he is likely to be referring to George Bush – The lyin’ dickhead. And they all throw up. Hurl in it. The speaker uses two words that mean to vomit, show disgust – throw up and hurl.

He also stated in reverse – They’ll see a war.

(January 27, 2002) Terrorist you bet was in Tehran.

FS: America must [not rest until every terrorist] group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated.

(September 13, 2001) Two days after 911, Bush states in reverse:

I heard Libya

In October 2001, An interview with a Taliban spokesman asked if he thought the USA would ever catch Osama Bin Laden brought this reversal:

Warn Libya   

Bin Laden spoke in Arabic and produced English in reverse. He spoke English to a degree. In this reversal (I have it as December 2001 release), he said in reverse:

Why Libya?

(September 2002). Bush was asked if he thought Bin Laden was dead. He replied with this is reverse:

One of our raids annulled him.  We have the word ‘annul’ in the past tense form, which means to declare invalid, no longer having legal existence, but also, simply to do away with, put an end to, or reduce to nothing. Then we have the word ‘raid’. Is ‘annulled’ a way of saying he was killed’, because we have ‘raid’? If so, then the subconscious is not giving the actual truth, as we know now that Bin Laden was killed much later. He was killed by a raid, however. Yet it is in past tense. Is Bush’s words/thoughts simply triggering associated desires held in his subconscious mind? It is quite reasonable to assume that having a U.S. raid take him out would be the ultimate outcome for Bush. This is informative. People have called Reverse Speech. ‘the ultimate truth detector’. If that were so, then Bin Laden had been taken out and the information hadn’t been shared publicly. But this is not so. Therefore, it is only a ‘truth’ held by the subconscious. It is not a manifested reality. Of course, subconsciously held thoughtforms can cause the owner to manifest those beliefs in the external world, but it does not mean this will occur. Nevertheless, it actually did occur, eventually, but not under George Bush’s watch. That said, the word ‘annulled’ doesn’t actually mean ‘killed’. One might argue that by September 2002, Bin Laden’s ability to influence and direct had been severely handicapped. He would have been on the run, travelling through mountainous territory. due to U.S. operations against him. So, it could be accurate that Bush didn’t know whether he was alive or dead, but he knew that his ability to act was removed.

An amusing reversal by Bush on October 2, 2001:

Oh shit

FS: Gotta make sure demand for US products [stay strong].

FS:   It’s almost like his heart wasn’t in what he was speaking about, and the problems around 911 were occupying his mind.

Bush in his 2004 election debate was speaking about those harboring a terrorist were equally as guilty. He states:

Iraq we roll/we’re rollin’ ‘n they blast the terrorist. The months of September/October/November 2004 saw the US launch heavy assaults against Falluja. The reversal indicates an aggressive push by the US to defeat the militants. Terrorist, though not a precise descriptive word is a likely word of association.

Oct 12, 2002, Bush was talking about a final agreement with Congress. The day before Congress had conditionally approved military action against Saddam Hussein. In reverse he appears to state:

And you goin’ off/go now to talk to Chirac.

FS: And I look forward to signing this good piece of legislation if and when it gets to my de … [Congress is close to a final agreement]

Gaining the support of Jacque Chirac, President of France would have been a priority for Bush. If /f/ is considered to be extraneous frication, the reversal would be [go now].

Tell why I’ll sign it.

FS: … deal with threats before it’s too late. [And that’s why I went] into the United Nations the other day.

I don’t have the date for this anymore. I assume it is 2002 when Bush was garnering support for invading Iraq.

(January 25, 2002) Bush is with a lady in the White House, making a joke about a painting. He says in reverse:
Hide the wanker. Mama. This may refer to subconscious embarrassment over his words. There may also be a mother connection. The word [thing] seems to occur before it as in [Thing hide the wanker. Mama] (I haven’t included it here). Perhaps this refers to a subconscious memory of not wanting his mother to catch him ‘wanking’ his ‘thing’!

Gonna fuck myself (July 11, 2002)

FS: this is probably not to your liking by the way, you love those court [fights, I’m confident] it makes great cover and great stories.

Perhaps he is worried about a negative press reaction.

A peek at the elicits in the car, will bomb. (October 2001?)

FS: [The Iraqi regime] bugged hotel rooms and offices of inspectors to find where they were going next. They forged documents, destroyed evidence, and developed [mobile weapons facilities to keep a step a]head ahead of weapon’s inspectors.

Behind ‘The Iraqi regime’, there is [amnesia we carry]. Bush produces this in the sounds of the phrase. Here he is in October 2002 producing the reversal exactly the same:

FS: … by taking these steps and by only taking these steps, [the Iraqi regime] has an opportunity to avoid conflict.

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