Why Reverse Speech is still worth investigating – War on Terror reversals

Abdullah Abdullah was a senior member of the Northern Alliance and Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time of 911 and the overthrow of the Taliban. Early in the campaign against the Taliban and Bin Laden, there was frustration that the Northern Alliance, supported by the U.S. was ineffective. Abdullah Abdullah gave the reversal below in a media conference. It is a very long reversal which is continuous. The reversal states:

They blew it up at night. Powell wasn’t there. That is not right. Then they give us this stuff.

Powell, of course, was Colin Powell, Secretary of State at that time. By this reversal, it appears that Abdullah was frustrated himself about apparent level of support and equipment that the Northern Alliance was getting from the U.S.

Here it is again, stretched: 


This is a reversal from Yasser Arafat, the PLO Chairman. I don’t know the year of this one. He states:

Men are cobra and the bomb us


I discovered in the late 90s that people speaking in a different language who had a level of English knowledge could give reversals in English. This is now accepted in Reverse Speech. I found many on Bin Laden, for example. Here are some from Muammar Gaddafi from 2003. I found him to be most amusing in his reversals. The first one states:

Fuckin’ laughing man. In this reversal he sounds as if he were stoned!

In this one, he states:

I’m a beautiful person.

Here he may refer to George Bush.

He has buffalo look. He’s an American. I hear your horsey. This appears to be a reference to a cowboy stereotype.

Perhaps in the next reversal, Gaddafi refers to the 1986 attempt to get him by the US/UK.

My hunt was a silly lesson


Condoleezza Rice was George Bush’s National Security Advisor during the campaign against Al Qaida in Afghanistan.

Here, she states in reverse:

North people we had deal, Bin Laden shot.   I believe this is from November 2001. North people would refer to the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. In her forward speech she talked about surrounding and destroying Al Qaida members who were on the run. Clearly, she wanted action from the Northern Alliance regarding Bin Laden.


Donald Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defence in the Bush era. In October 2001 he was talking about giving support to forces that opposed the Taliban. He produced a reversal indicating frustration at the ineffectiveness of current forces.

They cannot kill in any force. See that pressure.

In October 2001, talking about terrorism, he stated in reverse:

Call police. Make your break snake.

This probably means use authority and force to hunt down Al Qaida/Taliban, or individually, Bin Laden, daring the ‘snake’ to break out from hiding and make a run for it.

November 17 2001, Rumsfeld again used ‘snake’. He was speaking about the problems of releasing foreign fighters where they would destabilise other areas. He stated in reverse:

Snake fightin’ on.

October 2001, Rumsfeld referred to General Richard Myers, the Chairman of Joint Chiefs in 2001, in reverse. Rumsfeld was explaining some confusion about where an attack was coming from, saying it was actually AAA from the ground, not fire from above. He stated:

Myer in muff.  Although his name actually ends in /s/, the reversal is still worth noting. From this we get the idea that he believes that Myer messed up.

January 2002 Rumsfeld talks about using Afghan’s in the fight against the Taliban, and where not U.S, forces. He states in reverse:

You fuck it up. Once again, we see an ineffectiveness in operations.By this time Bin Laden had well and truly disappeared.

December 2001, Rumsfeld was talking about operations against terrorists. He stated in reverse:

His sex is ’91. This could refer to George Bush, and what ‘gets him off’ is the success of the 1991 Gulf War under his father.


Here are some from General Richard Myers, the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Bush administration. These reversals came from the later period of 2001, in the early days of the Afghanistan campaign.

Giving an operations update, he sates, See you lost the 4. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember finding this in the morning, and then hearing on the news later that day that 4 soldiers were killed.

Talking about the latest on fighters in the caves, he states in reverse, I heard there’s a fire, who’s missin’

Giving another operations update about satellite imagery, he states in reverse, And I had missed it (Note above Rumsfeld’s comments of Myer in muff, and you fuck it up).

Another one – So we hit him first.

Showing an image of a hit on a terrorist training camp, he seems to state Terrorist you know they hit. Overall, a bit ambiguous. Of course, ‘terrorist’ can sound like ‘tourist’ here, however, the second syllable can drop out to a degree in forward speech. (Yet, one could entertain that he indeed is saying ‘tourist’ and he is talking about intel on a possible attack on a tourist area).


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