Xi Jinping reverse speech

Here are 3 reversals in English taken from Xi Jinping’s, the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China, New Year’ speech. Xi is believed to know a level of English. However, how much he can speak consciously may be fairly limited; he likely has a learnt knowledge of English lexis and grammar, but unable to produce it proficiently verbally through conscious recall of that learnt knowledge. The duration of the speech was almost 11 minutes. Almost all of it in reverse was ‘unEnglish-like’. There were 3 strings of language that were English-like. One expressed a sentiment of homosexuality and pedophilia, while the other two appeared to refer to NASA.

There is no obvious connection between what he spoke about and the reversals. In Reverse Speech, it is often suggested that the reversal is directly connected to what is being said in the forward speech. This is not always the case, I believe. Subconscious thoughts can percolate up regardless.


RS: Now fuckin’ a boy you/you’ll know 
In the FS he spoke about multilateral talks, such as UN and APEC and having many exchanges of views. Note, that there is no subject in the utterance.

RS: Unnest this sad-eyed Nasa 
He was talking about receiving letters from Chinese from far flung regions of China.
‘unnest’ seems a very Chinese way to describe something. This would appear to mean removing NASA from is comfortable position of dominance is space.

RS: Blame(?) Nasa, I go free, it’s your body 
The FS was about creating rural jobs, insurance covering most people, and lifting people out of poverty.
It only sounds like ‘blame’ at the surface level, The /b/ is more a rounded approximate, and the /m/ is not there but ‘assimilated’ with the /n/. If it were ‘blame’, it appears to be related to he/China passing off the blame.

The vowel ending of ‘Nasa’ is not soundly articulated and there is aspiration at the end, however, it may be considered reasonable, and especially so for the fact that NASA is spoken of in the other reversal, and different Chinese words were used to create each of them (you xian, and shi san).

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