Pope Francis UN speech – Reverse Speech discussion

RS: I am a boy for now. Seal boy for now. Boy you’re fair/your affair, do ya. Him, affair with a ma(n) 

FS: I bless each ¹[one of you from my hear]t. ³[I will pray for you] [and your families], and I ask each ²[one of you please] to re[member to pray for me].

I am a  [from my hea]rt  I am comes from [m my hea]; [a] comes from fr[o]m; there is a slight fricative sound from /f/ but this may be accepted as extraneous.

boy for now  [one of you]  /b/ is perceivable on release of FS [you]; [oy] comes from FS [you]; [for] comes from [of]; [now] comes from [one]


Seal p[lease] An unreleased /p/ however can be heard.

boy [you] /b/ can be heard from the release of [you].

for now [one of] as set out in first reversal above.


Boy  [you]  There is an approximation of /b/

you’re/your  f[or y]ou   This creates acceptable perception of the word.

fair/affair  [pray f]or  /p/ disappears in the FS producing an appropriate articulation of the word. Also, [affair] can be appropriate as a shorter RS [you’re] is acceptable. If [fair], [you’re] has a small rising intonation at the end; if [affair]. The rising intonation becomes [a].

do ya  [I will]  [ya] comes from [I] and [do] rom [will] with /w/ providing the rounded vowel. [l] can actually be heard at FS [ll]. There are perceptual similarities with /d/, but of course, this does not mean that it is /d/.


Him  [me] /h/ is easily perceived here. Beginning a sentence with an object pronoun is not normal grammar. One could offer reasons for this, which are not necessarily accurate. For example, as Reverse Speech appears often to be different subconscious aspects communicating with each other, [him] may be a reply to another aspect of the person that we cannot hear, and indicating that the ‘voice’ is talking about ‘him’.

affair  [pray for] [a] comes from f[or]; a bilabial /p/ can still be perceived, but it is decayed, and a general sense of [with] occurs.

with a  rememb[er to]  /w/ comes from t[o]; sense of [th] occurs at /t/. and [a] comes from [er].

man  re[memb]er   There is no /n/. I have taken licence here to cut it at the onset of /m/ to give some sense of [man]. Ordinarily this should not be done, however, on the chance that it is ‘meant’ to be [man] I have done so; but of course, I cannot then claim that it is. Following this are two more syllables which may represent a further short statement, however, has fallen into gibberish. This begins with /m/. And as /n/ can be assimilated to a following [m], I have offered the possibility of [man].


There is another language sounding section. It sounds generally like ‘mafia’ however, there is an /r/ evident so that it is really like ‘ma free ya’.

Sin/Seen  fam[ilies]  /n/ perception comes from the alveolar /l/. Perception of the length of the vowel will cause one either to hear ‘seen’ more or ‘sin’ more.

mafia/ma free ya [maf] comes from [fam]; Interestingly, /n/ in [‘an] disappears in RS and what is left is [a] and [y] [an y’]. However, an /r/ is perceivable as well.



A reference to ‘boy’ is obvious here. The first voice refers to itself as a boy. The second one uses the 3rd person. The third reversal refers to boy in the 2nd person. Seal can mean hide away, protect, don’t let out. The final reversal refers to ‘him’. In light of ‘boy’ in the other 3 reversals, this could refer to ‘boy’. It may mention ‘affair’ twice, but at least once. If twice, it is used with ‘boy’ and it is used with ‘him’. It connects ‘boy’ to the affair, and the affair with a man (If indeed, it is meant to be ‘man’, and this is not necessarily so, it says [mam]. In light of the soundness of other words, consideration ought to be given).


RS: ¹Shake your dick now; I fell. ²I fuck in the ark, no. ³We fucks dick.

FS: You are concerned about your children’s ¹[welfare and education]s. You worry about the future of the planet and ²[what kind of a] world we will leave for future generations. But today and every day I would as³[k each of you] whatever your capacity to care one another. Be close to one another.

Shake edu[cati]on

your ed[u]cation  [y] is produced in the articulation of FS [u].

dick [ed]ucation /k/ is perceivable here

no(w) [an’]  The /w/ does not occur and this is a shortened word.

I fell  [welfare]  [ll] comes from /w/; FS /l/ disappears leaving /f/; [I] comes from [are].


I fuck  [of a] Again there is perception of /k/ here.

in the ark, no  [what kind]  in the comes from [nd]; ark comes from [ki]; now comes from the alveolar articulation, the vowel and /w/ of [what]. There is a short pause before the final word. It may be that I would be inclined to drop it out and keep ‘I fuck in the ark’; however, the intonation of ‘ fuck’ indicates that it is not the final word.


We  [you]  /w/ comes from the rounded FS vowel, and [e] comes from the high front vowel from [y].

fucks  ea[ch of]  Yet again /k/ is evident! The sibilant sound comes from [ch].

dick  as[k eac]h /d/ comes from the alveolar position of the tongue at the start of [ch].



/k/ occurs in each statement when the FS sounds would not ordinarily produce the sound. There appears to be a sexual theme running through these reversals. If ‘I fell’, this may indicate a weakness in control of desire. If ‘ark’, this may represent a coming together of diverse peoples to be saved and (hopefully) start a new life together. Verb agreement is incorrect in the final reversal with ‘fucks’ rather than ‘fuck’. Perhaps this is not necessarily a problem as verb agreement is a major issue affecting many English language speakers as a non-native language who are lacking in fluency. The last reversal has a different voice characteristic while the first two sound more like the Pope.


RS: ¹Siena grow, seen issue; ²They(‘ll) lie ‘n they must go/They’re lyin’ a/in Moscow/They lie in a Moskal; ³The owl grow. 


FS: Many of you have come to this city from countries the world over; as such you are a microcosm of the peoples ¹[which this organis]ation represents and seeks to serve. [Like so many other] people ³[worldwide] you are concerned about your children’s welfare and educations.

Siena  org[anis]ation    The diphthong in the FS creates the diphthong in reverse.

grow  [org]anisation

seen  [this]  The alveolar the Pope articulated for [th] produces /n/

issue  [which]  The Pope produces a short syllable through over articulation of [ch] producing the [i].


They’re/They’ll/They  [oth]er  The release of FS [o] produces perception in reverse of [th] or [d]; close examination reveals that there appears to be /l/ as the final before the [l] initial of the next word. However, the [r] will assimilate towards [l] as the articulators are preparing to produce [l], so [they’re] is also appropriate.

lyin’ a/lie in a/lie an’ they  m[any oth]er  In the FS, [th] sounds like [l]. In [lie an’ they] they [th] can assimilate to the /n/ before it, so this is viable. At the slowest speed [a] can sound like [in] where the /n/ would have assimilated to the following /m/ (in Moscow).

must go/Moscow/Moskal  [like so m]any  At normal speed the /l/ is most evident, but at the lower speeds it is easily perceived as /w/. Moskal is a derogatory term for Russians known by East Europeans and Russians themselves.


Discussion of this reversal

They/They’ll lie and they must go

They’re lyin’ a/in Moscow

They’ll/They/There lie in a Moskal


With Moskal being a name for people, [a] before it would be incorrect grammar. Moskal is also a term less likely to be known. With Moscow, it would be grammatically correct if it is [in], however that is not so evident at the two higher speeds. The first alternative provides the most accurate grammar.


The  worldwi[de]

owl  world[wi]de The [ld] may help to give perception of final [l].

grow  [worl]dwide /g/ is perceivable perhaps from the lowering of the soft palate at [rl].


There is another possible reversal – ‘n  that’s okay – however, this may not be the case, and I have not included it here.


Overall discussion

Siena may refer to the central Italian city. There is an issue associated with Siena and growing. Perhaps this is associated with the spread of refugee camps to areas such as this from the south to central Italy. The owl is a metaphor. There are different meanings attributable to the owl. For example, growing of the intellect, the ability to see things, to see through deception, or a symbol of change and transition. If the owl growing is associated with the issue in Siena growing (refugees), then it could either the increasing ability to see what is happening from all this, or that it represents a change in life as we know it. In the other reversal, some lie, and therefore they must go (If this version is correct).



RS: Havana now. 

FS: to care [one another]. Be close to one another. Respect one another. And so embody (…?) (your?) service this organisation’s ideal of a united human family …

Havana  [another]  no /h/ but this is quite normal for a South American speaker. /v/ comes from [th].

now  [one].


Only 2 words, so this increases possibility of coincidence. The UN speech was at a time when Obama was looking at reinstating relations with Cuba. This reversal fits into the FS words of a united human family.


RS: Sit search for deep; send it dumb  

FS: Working not only for peace but in peace; working not not only for justice [but in the spirit of justice].


sit  jus[tice]

search  [jus]tice

for deep  s[pirit of]


send it  [in a s]pirit  Unreleased /t/ can be perceived at the beginning of [in] after the release of /t/ in [but]. The position of the tongue and contraction occurring allows perception of this. The lack of obvious /d/ is not an issue here.

dumb  [but]  /m/ can be perceived here.


There is a clear bilabial at the end of the final word. One may hear ‘down’ in a general listening, and consider it with the word ‘deep’. However, in FS not every phoneme is perceivable as belonging to the word the speaker is saying. Perhaps it is meant to be ‘down’.

One may apply a range of interpretations here. For example, the conscious searching for deeper meaning may cause an aspect of ourselves to remain hidden and silent, uncommunicative. Or a search for peace and justice will cause some part of ourselves to become dumb.


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