Patsy Ramsey John Ramsey speech reversals

Here I present and discuss a number of reversals from the Ramseys that have been documented by others and are accessible on the internet.

RS: I done it. It’s a show you’re running  

FS: to ah to immediately look [you know the directions], [and I know] there are other directions being looked at

done it [and I] – This is easily perceived. /n/ can be heard in place of /d/ from the FS /n/ in [know]. There is enough sense of a /t/ ending to be acceptable.

I   If cut at the right point one may get a sense of [I], however the beginning of the reversal is likely to be elsewhere. An example is what can be heard somewhat as [The boy] but the /b/ is actually /w/ as in [woi]. Yet, this could also be perceived as [Have I done it] In this case /v/ is heard in place of the /w/. It would also satisfy grammatical accuracy.

It’s a show your running More likely [see] than [it’s a]. The remaining words can be heard.


RS: This is a plan 

FS: They didn’t even [ask, I just said] come

This is a [I just said] – It can be perceived as this, however it could also be  [death is a], or [death to the]. The audio noise masks the /s/ sibilants.

plan – Interesting that there is perception of [pl] and /n/ behind [ask] The [sk] in the FS has disappeared, but this could be partly due to the audio noise. This could actually be [plant].  

The reversal, however continues. There are two words which follow.

of India ([they didn’t eve]n)

There is actually an /n/ at the beginning as in [n’ of India]. This /n/ is not the perceived /n/ in [plan] as there is a gap as in [plan n’of] which is unnatural.

It is quite perceivable as Death to the/is a plant of India


RS: And I planned the note 

FS: Patsy Rams[ey, Jonbenet’s mother]

And I Could be [Then I]

planned the note [Jonbenet] – It is possible that planned and note are there. There is a syllable in the middle; this is documented as the. It is at the point of the /b/ in Jonbenet.  Perhaps the gap is meant to be [the]? We could assume [ed].

The reversal doesn’t end at this point, listening further behind the FS, there is a word following that sounds like did as a kind of confirmation.


RS: I’m the only one  

FS: I can’t believe that we have ever [knowingly met] anyone that can be this vicious

I’m the only one [knowingly met] – This is easily perceived as the documented reversal in a general listening. [only] comes behind [wingly] and sounds like [o-new]. A natural transition to the /w/ sound in [one] may mean this is acceptable. Perhaps there may be some naturally occurring loss of /l/ due to surrounding sounds, but the lack of a discernable /l/ is of some concern. The natural tendency of the listener to reconstruct intelligible language makes it sound like [only].

There does seem to language either side of the section, however.

Following the reversal is And now mean it 

Following this there is a set of sounds similar to Ships of Eden. The /f/ is more a [th], nevertheless they are both dental sounds.

Before the reversal in the FS there is something like Remember you with vilamaker but the two /m/ in [remember] are actually /v/. Once again perception in a general listening gives the impression of the word.


RS: I struck her head 

FS: It was the [day after Christma]s so I was going to go visiting

I struck her head The audio quality increases likelihood of hearing sounds not there. There is an indeterminant sound at the start. [struck] is ambiguous; there is a /t/ sound before [her] and the last word might be [head] but can have a different initial.

Following on is what appears to be do it tomorrow. [struck] is very messy, while what follows it is quite clear. Taking everything after [struck], we have [prepared to do it tomorrow].

In the forward speech she said she was going to go visiting. Sounds like subconsciously, she still wanted to go out visiting the next day.


RS: I’m that person. Seen that rape

FS: We feel like there are at least two people on the face of [this Earth that know] you did this.

I’m that ([that kno]w) – The FS /th/, /t/ and /n/ remain clear in the RS. This means that there is an /n/ followed by a /d/ sound followed by /th/ which we may assume is a /d/. Therefore, the closest language that it is likely to be is [one dead].

person [this Earth] – may have initial /p/, however, the final sound is not /n/ but [th] or /d/.

There is no evidence that the reversal ending occurs at the end of the documented [person]. After [per] there appears to be the start of a second reversal as if [person] was going to be uttered, but was interrupted. This is probably why the ending of [per] is not correct. The reversal is:

I said to save the law

One can hear it taking over from the first reversal One dead per .. said to save the law.

RS: seen that rape 

This may be there, however, the /p/ could be /t/.  Also, following directly is a potential further reversal stating either [careless you] or [callous you]. I have not included that here.


RS: we now fool you 

FS: we will find you

This is fairly sound, except that the short vowel can produce full instead of fool, although full makes it nonsensical. Following this it sounds like he says [we now poop] (with American pronunciation of [poop]).


RS: We’re lyin’ in their defence 

FS: There’[s never been any other] projection, any other source

The first word is indiscriminate. It sounds roughly like [er]. But one could project different words into it. /l/ in ‘lyin’ can be perceived at the onset of [th] in the FS. However, there is an evident /th/ also, and this can be heard easily.  So [thain] or [thyin] can be heard.

With [defence], the /d/ is perceivable at normal speed but falls over at the two slower speeds which produce instead a perceptible /v/.

At normal speed, it is quite easily perceivable as the documented reversal perhaps with a different pronoun at the beginning. At slower speeds it is more easily perceivable as imprecise. There is uncertainty with this.


RS: Sliced her up; her rapist

FS: [To sit there] [by ourselves]

Sliced her up [by ourselves] – Ok.

her rapist [to sit there] – There is [her] at the beginning. In [rapist], there is a [th] that has been overdominated by a perceptible /p/.  The /p/ may be the strong sense of /p/ may be the result of the articulation next to the microphone. Although there is /t/ in ‘to’ in the FS at the place of the final in rapist, it presents a disjointed noise. So, a final /t/ is not evident.


RS: Our rape hurt 

FS: [that er care abou]t us

Our is possible. The documented reversal has left the /t/ from the FS  ‘about’ as the initial, making it sound like [thou]. The /t/ is actually the ending of a prior word that is not included – said. Therefore, the reversal should begin ealier.

/k/ occurs as in [rake] from FS [care]. Perception of /p/ occurs on release of [er] in the FS with the breathy /h/ and the ramping of energy to the start of [er]. This has the ability to drown out the /k/ allowing perception of rape. A /t/ does occur at the end allowing perception of [hurt].


In the wash up, it is possible there was planning involving (or the note planted). It is possible they are not being truthful – running a show,  and perhaps fooling others. ‘I’m the only one’ may be a reaction from her subconscious to her saying  someone else is vicious, instead placing the mirror onto herself. ‘I struck her head’ is unlikely to be there.

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