Mike Pence reversals, victory speech

Then to fuck her on your silver 

FS: … my wonderful wife Karen, our son Michael and his fiancé Sarah, our daughter Audrey, far away, and our daughter Charlotte. I could not be here without them. And I’m deeply grateful to the American people [for placing their confidence] in this team ….

The reversal could indicate Pence’s excitement of reaching the White House, the step up and the prestige of it. The silver would represent that prestige with fantasised sex with his wife on the White House dining table surrounded by the silver. The forward speech at that point speaks of the American people placing their confidence in them, so outwardly letting people know that they are responsible and can be trusted, but inwardly showing a side that is ‘naughty’.

Another possible reversal, which comes before the one above in the FS direction is:

Now we’re off 

This could just indicate that the election has been won and he and (his family?) are on their way to the White House.


Silver gets in it. Her and I our helm. Yeah, see you in Dallas.  

[So let me say], it is [my high honour], [and distinct privilege] to introduce to you the President-elect of the United States …

For the sake of clarity, I have removed the 2 short syllables after ‘helm’, which appears to be ‘city’, with the expectation that it won’t affect meaning. There appears to be a pattern in the set of reversals from his victory speech, where he speaks of both he and his wife and the power and prestige of his position. There is a reference to ‘silver’ again, and synthesised with the other reversal above on ‘silver’, would refer to being in the White House. Note that ‘silver’ comes behind different words in the two reversals. He speaks of being at the ‘helm’, that is, in a position of leadership and control. He includes his wife in this. Interestingly, he refers to Dallas, which could refer to assassination. Taken together, this may demonstrate some belief that assassination (of Trump) could occur, resulting in his position at the ‘helm’.


¹You feel may have found me out – ²Her and I – ³Self screwed him, a foul so lost in it  – ⁴They deserve wound and they kill; is that high crime?   

FS: A⁴[merica has elected a new president], ³[and it’s almost hard for me to express] ²[the honor] ¹[that I and my family fe]el, that we will have the privilege to serve as your Vice President.

I have removed an extraneous ‘tail’ syllable at the end of each of the first two reversals. Sometimes a ‘tail’ syllable occurs in RS, and can be chopped off the end. In the first reversal, Pence subconsciously, is concerned about being ‘found out’. In the forward section he says that he and his family feel it’s a privilege to serve Trump as Vice President. His concern is that Trump knows that is untrue. Again he refers to his wife (her and I) seemingly as an equal partner in what he does. The next reversal could refer to Trump – Trump’s own self screwed perhaps caused by inappropriate/unwise behavior/acts. Alternatively, there is a sense that it is his own ‘self’ that screwed Trump (he did not want to be found out). The pronoun ‘they’ used twice in the final reversal is confusing in who it refers to. Perhaps it refers to the enemies of what Trump and Pence stand for – they cause harm and they deserve punishment, so why should that be ‘high crime’ or treason that Trump (and Pence) gets into the Whitehouse?


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