Summer Zervos speech reversals

Summer Zervos was a contestant on The Apprentice in 2005. In 2007, she contacted Trump about a job, and in a hotel, she alleged that he kissed her and groped her breasts.

The following two sets of reversals from Zervos and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, refer to the heinie/ass.


Girl lives/is a heinie 

FS: [He now has the lar]gest bully pit pulpit in the world, and he has not taken back his threat to sue me.

The second word is either lives or is. Either the articulation of alveolar [l] past the [l] in girl means the words begins with [l], or the [l] simply attaches to is because it begins with a vowel. The [th] in ‘the’ in the FS can help to give the impression of a sound between the two sounds [iz]. This helps to give an impression of lives. Whatever the word, there is a stronger stress on it than the first word.

The reversal appears to refer to the speaker as a sexual object.


Zervos lawyer

Ass hurts him; snake it lie; he keeps her     You prize that heinie   

… price for speaking out against Mr Trump. He now has now won the presidency which is the prize that he sought. He now has the opportunity …

The reference to him would be Trump – his interest in ass can get him into trouble (Note: the pronunciation of the vowel in [ass] is unlike the typical American pronunciation; however, in RS it is quite common for Americans to not have typical American pronunciations in RS, such as the rhotic [r]). The reference to a snake and a lie is age old – it may refer to a person, or the snake of fable and lore. Keeps may refer to providing for a woman. You would either refer to Trump or Zervos. If Trump, then the reversal changed from 3rd person to 2nd person, which may indicate a different person.


Zervos reacts negatively when her lawyer says the word ‘star’.

You miss it  

FS: President of the United Stated; he is no longer just a star ….. [I’m sorry]

When the lawyer mentions that Trump is no longer just a star, Zervos reacts in reverse. The last word can sound like ‘her’, however, I suggest that it is meant to be ‘it’. There is aspiration, though in it. Does her subconscious refer to Trump? That he will miss it? Or, her anguish is about herself – her desire to be on television/film. If that were the case, the voice would be referring to Zervos in the 2nd person rather than 3rd person. It’s important to pay attention to the use of pronouns, as this can be a guide to characteristics of the subconscious.


Zervos breaks down and puts her head in her lawyer’s shoulder. Eventually she whispers to her lawyer and her lawyer whispers back. Of course, it is difficult to know for sure what they say in reversal, but here is one suggestion:

Zervos lawyer – Because I am a fake   Zervos – Why you fake?    

Zervos FS: gotta go

This occurs over 3 seconds. The two reversals occur together. The order is the last comment in the FS first (from the lawyer). This would be the case if Zervos’ reversal is a response to the lawyer’s. If so, then the lawyer’s response would have had to be already formulated subconsciously for Zervos to respond. The lawyer’s FS words appears though to be a response to what Zervos said in the FS, which might indicate non-formulated thoughts. Yet, could what she have said (which is hard to hear) already have been in her subconscious before Zervos said ‘Gotta go’? Bit tricky, isn’t it. If Zervos’ words were not a response to the lawyer’s reversal, then it may indicate her subconscious communicating to Zervos asking why she is a fake. The lawyer then reacted to Zervos’ subconscious by admitted that she too is a fake.


Here are four possible reversals from an earlier press conference.

¹Needs kiss as I do    ²Did he tell on me end it       ³Did he tell on me end it    ⁴Save your prayer 

I then wrote his assistant an email on April 24, April 21 ¹[2016] asking her to send my email directly to Mr Trump. ²[In that email I stated], your interest me is … ³[in that email I stated], your interest in me as a potential employment (   ). Your interest in me as anything more than my mind and I lost my footings. I further said I have been incredibly hurt ⁴[by our previous] interaction.

The first reversal may show the subconscious conflict she has – needing closeness, intimacy, to be desired. The next two reversals come behind the same FS words. Here she uttered “in that email I stated”, she then tripped over her words and stopped talking before repeating the same words. Of course, words that are repeated behind the same FS words can simply be coincidence. I’m not convinced of that here, however. If genuine, it would indicate concern over someone spilling the beans on her, and maybe she should stop it. In the last reversal, she states in the FS that she had been hurt by it, and in reverse her subconscious says to save your prayer. This would indicate that she won’t succeed.


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