Discussion of possible Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin reversal

Late October, Hillary Clinton responds to the news that the FBI will release more emails, which have some connection to her aide Huma Abedin.

There is a reversal at the start of her news conference that may say ‘spy Huma fly’ 

There is no issue with ‘spy’ or ‘fly’. The other word is close to Huma, but is somewhat imprecise; nevertheless it is worthwhile considering. There is a diphthong vowel produced in the FS word ‘perhaps’ – one vowel is an acceptable version for the vowel in ‘Huma’ (the vowel pronunciation changes according to language group of the person); however, there is a lower, more centralised vowel similar to [a] as well. In the FS, [p] is produced in ‘perhaps’ after [m] in ‘from’ The [p] tends to get ‘swallowed up’ by the [m], however it leaves a bit of a ‘jump’ at that point. There is [f] at the end, however, this seems to attach itself to another word ‘fly’.

Here are a couple more from Clinton’s media comment.

Snag her finger; see if I name; in the chamber 

FS: Even Director Comey noted that this new in[formation may not be significant], so let’s get it out.

If any of it is genuine, snag would mean getting fingers caught/entangled; fingers may indicate ‘having fingers in something’ or the fact that fingers are used to write and send emails; ‘see if I name’ could relate to what information may come out of the emails; ‘in the chamber’ could mean that she may have to account for this in a legal environment.

Hidden the chalice and they guessed it  

FS: we’re going to continue to discuss wha[t’s at stake in this election be]cause I believe it’s one of the most consequential elections ever.

If not chalice, it may be showers. Chalice is more appropriate. A chalice is a container that holds something sacred; it has been hidden, but now (people) are guessing what is going on.

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