Clinton accusers with Trump – Willey, Shelton, Broaddrick

Kathleen Willey as a volunteer White House aide during Bill Clinton’s presidency, claimed Clinton had embraced her tightly, kissed her on the mouth, grabbed her breast, and forced her hand on his genitals.

At least fuck; he will dick my twat; ‘n he found it

FS: I think (?) he can bring peace to this world, [and I think Donald Trump can lead us to that] point.

Willey is speaking about Trump in the FS, but the reason she is there is to do with Bill Clinton. The subconscious comments likely refer to either Trump or Clinton. The first section at least fuck generally sounds like it, however, I am uncertain that it is this. The next comment uses future tense to suggest he will have sex with her. The third, uses past tense. If it refers to Bill Clinton, these comments seem to put her back into that moment. ‘N he found it would seem to indicate that Clinton had at least touched her genitals, however, this is not so according to the testimony.  Perhaps it doesn’t have to be so literal, and relates to the sexual advances. If it is at least fuck, this may indicate a willingness to go further with him, and some expectation/desire to do so. If Trump, the final comment would be inconsistent as it is unlikely that anything occurred between her and Trump.

Three points to note here: 1) the possible return of the subconscious mind to the moment, 2) A subconscious thoughtform produced from association with the reason she is there rather than who she is directly speaking about in the forward speech and 3) ’N he found it cannot be taken that Clinton literally touched her ‘twat’. It would have come up in testimony. And as mentioned, it is highly unlikely that something occurred with Trump.


Kathy Shelton was raped at age 12, and the defendant was represented by Hillary Clinton.

Hey Doris take a seat  

.. whether they did or not, now she’s laughing on tape saying she knows they did it.

Trump: You went through a lot.

[Yes, yes sir I did].

Shelton spoke for a while. She then stopped speaking, and Trump filled in the pause. A final comment was spoken by Shelton to end it. The subconscious mind told her to take a seat’, in other words, stop speaking at that point. That is exactly what she did. Interesting that Doris is used. Obviously, the person is ‘Kathy’. Doris may then refer to an aspect of her subconscious that influences Shelton to maintain her attitude toward Clinton. Another aspect comes in and tells ‘her’ to stop now.

Point to note: The possible existence of one aspect communicating to another aspect in the person.


²She says he should die      ¹Lord revoked it  

¹[At 12 years old] Hillary put me through um something that you would never put a 12 year old through um ²[and she says she’s fo]r women and children …

Shelton says ‘she’ and ‘he’.

Rather than looking outside Shelton for ‘she’, we should probably look at it as referring to Shelton/an aspect of Shelton. ‘He’ then would refer to the alleged rapist. The comment would therefore come from a different aspect of Shelton’s subconscious. The other reversal comes some seconds before. It is unclear what should be revoked – various guesses could be made.


The(ir) loan that she has – he has money  

FS: … and he was asked last year on what happened, and she says she supposed to defend, whether they did or not, now she’s lau[ghing on tape saying she knows they d]id it whether they did or not, now she’s laughing on tape saying she knows they did it.

If the reversal is there, it seems to refer to a loan, and recognition that (a male – Trump?) has money. Perhaps there is a desire to be helped out financially.


And the neighbours love to shitty shit  

FS: And she says she’s for women and children and he was asked last year on what happened, [and she says she supposed to defend], whether they did or not, now she’s lau[ghing on tape saying she knows they d]id it whether they did or not, now she’s laughing on tape saying she knows they did it.

Perhaps this refers to her experience or belief that her neighbours gossip about her.


Juanita Broaddrick claimed Bill Clinton raped her in 1978. In 1998 she denied it in a sworn affidavit, but in 1999 made the claim publicly.

¹Bits and they shattered                ²Spin her all badness   

… ¹[that actions speak] louder than words. Mr Trump may have said ²[some bad words], but Bill Clinton raped me.

Spin could refer to telling a deceptive story. The subconscious states these words directly behind saying Trump may have said some bad words. So, it may indicate deceptiveness in her story. That is one interpretation. Bits and they shattered (possibly chattered) may refer to something coming to bits and shattering. Once again, there can be different views about meaning. If it is tied to the interpretation of the other reversal, then it could refer to her story. Hard to know.






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