Donald Trump and his lewd conversation

The second reversal in the audio seems to indicate putting pressure on the female, while the second has a different tack. An aspect of Trump that refers to him as ‘gov’ seems to suggest it.

¹Dinner, flower, get that gov  ²You stand on her 

FS: I did try and fuck her, she was married, ²(I know Nancy), no this was … and I moved on her very heavily, in ¹(fact I took her out furni)ture shopping


Bill of money and green indicate how money gets Trump places. The last comment calls the female a hoe, which is a slut or loose woman.

Show Bill of money, get through, get through with green you see. Yeah, hi, you a hoe. 

FS: Hello, how are you, hi, nice seeing you, terrific, terrific, you know Billy Bush?


Here, dumbo may refer to the penis (as in the big fella!), and soak indicates desire for the sexual act. Behind the FS, saying that he could do anything, the subconscious states that it would. There are two different pronouns – you, I. “I” refers to the subconscious aspect, however, does “you” refer to the aspect addressing Trump, or a 3rd person?

You soak the dumbo     Then I would  

FS: You can do anything, (grab ‘em by the pussy), (you could do anyth)ing


The first comment indicates desire to get the female sexually excited. I assume the first phoneme is [m] – it is masked by Trump’s voice. The second comment may be a trigger caused by changing places (positions) with the female.

Make her wet, well I’m a nigger ye(t)\yeah.

FS: Yeah you get in the middle, there we go


Billy Bush indicates that he and Trump are making a move. The female says ‘hot’, indicating recognition of the sexual nature of the meeting. I will assume that it is meant to be [k] in ‘spiky’, though it can sound like ‘spiny’; anyway, there is a sense of something short and sharp.  There is only a glottal articulation at that point where [a] onset occurs in ‘absolutely’. This could refer to her pubic area. No one had spiky hair.

¹I go i … you’re in/Hot  ²Your little spiky haircut 

Have a little hug for the Donald/he just got that off the bus, ²(OK, absolutely), Melania said this was OK/¹(Oh!/There we, here we go)


Shoot my dog, Momma, hey you think 

FS: Well you’ve got a nice co-star here/Yes, absolutely/After you, come on Billy don’t be shy.

It may be meant to be ‘she’s’, but it seems to be ‘shoot’.


When the idea of competition is created by Billy Bush, Trump again falls back on money as a means to get what he wants. Note: ‘your’ can sound like ‘a’ in a general listening.

Let’s shake your buck faster 

Me or the Donald for a date?/No, no, no, (that’s stiff competition).


In this one from Billy Bush, in a top down listening, it sounds like ‘we don’t get to die’. At a phonemic level it is ‘know’ rather than ‘don’t’. So I have to make a decision whether to trust top down processing or bottom up processing. I find RS to often be a series of comments running continuously without a pause. Billy Bush is being competitive over the female, and in the first comment, suggests that it is ‘officially’ known who she wants to date. ‘Get to die’ may refer to the loser. Then there is a response about the absurdity of the comment.

Yeah gazette so we know. Get to die. You die, you’re serious? 

FS: Me or the Donald ….. (Seriously, if you had to, had to take one of us as a date) …


This one is from Billy Bush. The words before ‘talk’ are articulated poorly, and it is uncertain what they are. A check at the sound level and noting the sounds, I believe, will not provide the right words. So, I will really only on top down processing, and get a sense of what it is overall. Therefore I have chosen ‘If you’re gonna’. The only clear words here are ‘talk tender’. Separating the last three words helps to show that it could start with ‘’take’, not ‘let’. Anyway, Bush’s subconscious refers to his nice words. Although other words are not clear, it gives the impression that the aspect is saying ‘cut the crap, stop talking like that’!

If you’re gonna talk tender, let me out 

FS: (Well you’ve got a nice co)-star here/Yes, absolutely/After you, come on Billy don’t be shy.


‘sick’ comes behind ‘kiss’. It is likely not all of the following can be considered genuine.

Hang a sick   I’ll believe the dick   Made me sick  

FS: I’ve got to use some tic tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful, I just start kissing them, it’s like a magnet.


The female meets Trump, and seems to say ‘we’re a nude’, alternatively ‘wear a nude’. This could indicate that she is feeling exposed and perhaps inhibited meeting them. ‘We’re’ does not necessarily refer to her and the people outside of her. The voice can refer to itself and other subconscious aspects of her. If ‘wear’, this could refer to a desire to be sexually appealing.

We’re a nude  

I’m doing very well thank you, are you ready to be a soap star?


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