Donald Trump

From extract of Trump speech August 31, 2016

I listened to part of the Trump speech and have given a selection of reversals from it here.

RS: Hurt ‘em

FS: Because of a preventable death, because of [murder], no, she’s only talking about families who come here in violation of the law.

Immediately after this FS, he states:

RS: They’ll know we wreck

FS: We will treat [everyone living] or residing in our country with great dignity.

Here. Trump desires decisive action on the subject of his speech


RS: You smell his cheese, they’re in there

FS: [Then there is the issue of se]curity; countless innocent American lives have been stolen because our politicians have failed in their duty to secure our borders and enforce our laws ….

Perhaps smelling your cheese is the old schoolyard prank where someone gets another to put his nose near their closed fist and duly gets a punch in the nose. Perhaps it is a throwback to foreigners and their cheese (non-Anglo-Saxon), and suggesting they are here, you know they are here, you can smell them by their traditions.


RS: We’ll bar for them in Norfolk

RS: Soon I get clover

… [the fundamental problem] with the immigration system in our country is it serves the needs [of wealthy donors], political activists and powerful, powerful  politicians.

Trump pays visits to Norfolk/Virginia Beach in Virginia and gives speeches. He was only there around 3 weeks earlier and actually went there days later. ‘Bar’ has different meanings, and one is to prevent someone from doing something. ‘for’ throws up a grammar and semantic issue, but without it, it would be ‘bar them’. ‘Clover’ brings up the concept of acquiring wealth. He states this when he mentions wealthy donors.


¹Heal Hillary

FS: Anyone who tells you that he core issue is the needs of [²those living] [¹here illegally] has simply spent too much time in Washington.

Immediately following is what appears to be:

²in/an evil sword 

After the long [e] at the end of “Hillary”, there is a change in reversal starting with a very short [i] before [n]. In FS, “in evil” naturally has the [n] joining “evil”. However, some [n] articulation occurs in ”in”, and this is lacking here. This combined with the stronger second syllable in “evil”, and the [z] is “sword”, makes this a less than perfect reversal.

“Heal Hillary” appears to be sound, while the remainder may or may not be genuine.


RS: Yeah did get ISIS in the crime

FS: The biggest problem …. facing [American society today], is that there are 11 million illegal immigrants who don’t have legal status ….


Trump had just arrived back from meeting the President of Mexico, where the President refused to fund the “wall”.

“Scam” is normally produced in the reverse of “Mexico”. Alone, therefore it is meaningless. The question is whether it is meaningful in the following:

RS: Like/Mark a scam/scum – here’s/he is na[k]zi

FS: I’ve just landed having returned from a very important and special meeting with the President of Mexico – a man who I like and respect very much, a man who truly loves [his country – Mexico].

Of course, there is still a [k] sound in “nazi”. Also, the vowel is most like ‘am’ rather than ‘um’ as in “scam”. Whether there is intentional language here is debatable.

A few seconds later Trump seems to say:

RS: Sucks [  ?] I saw you

FS: [We also discussed] the great contributions of Mexican American citizens to our two countries ….

The second word appears to have fallen into gibberish. The sounds are most like “sid”. If this is genuine, perhaps it was meant to be “that” or “since”.

If there is anything genuine here, there would be a negative attitude towards the President of Mexico.



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