Investigating Bin Laden

A number of reversals on Bin Laden will be posted here in coming weeks. They are ones that I found many years ago. Bin Laden speaks in Arabic, however, he had a reasonable command of English, and English occurs in the reverse of those speaking another language. If one only knew a very small amount, one could still produce simple phrases such as hello, how are you, etc.

Andrew Card the Whitehouse Spokesman gave the first reversal below in January 2002, soon after Tora Bora and the disappearance of Bin Laden. The first Bin Laden reversal here may be from an October 2002 release and the second from a February 2003 audio release. Both mention what sounds like Samarka. Bin Laden also mentions India in each reversal. It was eventually found that he had been living in Abbottabad near the Indian border. Also, in 2004, there were claims that he was seen in the Ladakh area near Tibet, and within an area controlled by India.

Andrew Card: Give him chase Samarka; an Afghan’s involved in it   

Give him chase Samarka – kind [of conversation be]cause – [m] in Samarka comes from the movement of [n] to the labial [v]; [g] in RS comes from th onset of [c] in ‘because’; a sense of [v] occurs from the [b] in the FS.

an Afghan’s involved in it [involved in that kind o]f conversation

an Afghan’s [d in that kind o]f – [g] comes from [k] while a sense of [f] occurs through the aspiration after [k] in the FS; a slight frication from the [d] in the FS may give a sense that there could be [‘s] in reverse; [th] and [t] disappear in favour of the [k] and [n] in the FS to produce [ghan]; the vowel beginning this section is separate to the vowel ending the prior words.

involved ‘n it [involved]

FS: I see a need to have the President involved in the kind of conversation because after all Secretary Evans do the right thing …

BL: There’s plenty of time and be in India  

BL: I left Samarka, I will buy it in India  


This came from the Oct 2002 audio release. The audio is not great, however, the following words are reasonably there. As we know, BL had agreement with Pakistani authorities/military to remain in Pakistan. Here, he had an accord, and didn’t need to force the situation (hammer). I assume ‘cell’ phone rather than ‘sell’ phone, where he is using it as a verb. Of course, BL would have wanted to avoid using a cell phone.

BL: Pakistani accord – don’t need a hammer. Mustn’t cell phone – here they’ve got it. 


There was a question over Bin Laden’s health – such as whether he had kidney disease, needed dialysis etc. Here are three reversals which refer to health; the first I think comes from 2002, but I am unsure; the other two apparently are from the February 2003 release. Of course, muscle wasting can occur with chronic kidney disease.

The first reversal is either ‘give man the online doctor’ or ‘give me an online doctor’, suggesting needing contact with a (specialist?) medical advisor.

Ever survivor; give man the online doctor  

He assumed that I was ill (Feb 2003)  

I’d muscle failure; you’ll die threaten the Asia (Feb 2003)  

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