Acceptance of contextually-related language in a set of reversals – a Pope reversal

The reversal here is from the Pope’s visit to the USA. It is contextually interesting as he appears to produce a set of associated words about Muslim migration into Europe. Some words are very clear, a couple are uncertain. A pattern seems to occur – subconscious concern about what is happening in Europe, which opposes his public face about the matter.

RS: I should diss it – refugee; they’re sober, they are tougher, beard suck; Soon they’ll share it Sorbonne.

FS: “by working to realize their great and noble aspirations, who are not led astray by facile proposals, and who face difficult, difficulty situations”

‘I should diss it – refugee’  (Note: ‘to diss’ means to have contempt for, to criticise strongly). 

refugee [difficult] – in a general listening it sounds like ‘refugee’. This is an example where it is more difficult to understand how FS sounds became RS sounds. [r] comes from [l], which is understandable, due to tongue position; [g] comes at [f] in the FS – the sound seems to occur as a fricative alveolar; [f] comes at [c] – the sound is a bit of a wildcard and could represent another sound. In light of the rest of the word, [f] is the assumption.

They’re sober, they are tougher, beard suck’. 

(Note: Muslims aren’t permitted to drink, males are expected to have beards, and we may consider them tough).

This is quite clear, apart from the syllable stress anomaly in ‘beard’.

‘Soon they’ll share it – Sorbonne‘. 

There is an ‘l’ where the ‘r’ is in Sorbonne, and the first vowel can be heard as an ‘e’; one may hear it as sell Bonn, but I have made the assumption that it could be meant to be ‘Sorbonne’. In 2012, Michel Houellebecq’s released a novel about France being Islamic in 2022 with the university in Sorbonne becoming an Islamic university.


Here is an example where there are a couple of glitches, but language that is contextually related. In the FS, the Pope is not speaking about Muslims. He is, however, speaking of noble aspirations, and not being led astray by the desires of some.

Projection into RS of what one wants to hear is, of course, a reality. Therefore, one needs to know, linguistically, what is occurring before weighing up the likelihood of certain language. I have done this with Sorbonne, refugee and beard. I know what is going on at a micro level. The next point I need to consider is, do I want it to be these words? Possibly, yes. Yet, I could not accept ‘Selbonn’ as ‘Sorbonne’ without enough contextual evidence to consider it as a reasonable possibility, and there needs be enough that is linguistically appropriate in the other comments that make up the set.

Reverse Speech, of course, is not always clear; distortions occur (distortions occur in FS too). There are two modes communicating occurring in the same space. Elements of RS will get lost in gibberish.

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